The most comprehensive E course designed for the outdoorsman, hunter and athlete. A rehab and training subsidiary of MTN PHYSIO. This is not just any other flashy exercise program. This is a healthcare platform designed by a Doctor and avid bowhunter ready to help you take your health to the next level. A step by step guide for longevity!

Doctor Ward, owner of Mtn Physio teaches you everything you need to know to learn what it takes to keep you in the field longer. Evidence based practice, education, exercises, training, rehab, recovery, programming, nutrition and sport specific training. An expert in human physiology, sport performance, injury prevention, rehab, recovery and training, he gives you the tools to elevate your healthcare and empower you to become the best version of yourself. The greatest investment you will ever make is the investment you make in yourself! Get ready it is time to elevate your health!


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  • Courses led by board certified specialist Doctor Ward, DPT, OCS. Leading expert for hunters, archers, and athletes. Sports medicine provider for the USA olympic archery team. CEO of MTN PHYSIO. Industry specialist for the top athletes and hunters.
  • Annual HEALTH screen and evaluation by a Doctor that knows you and your sport.
  • Progress Reports and Certificates for rewards.
  • First of its kind scientifically driven algorithm (MFRS)
  • Cutting edge, dynamic courses. Built for the Hunter.
  • Training, Rehab, Recovery, Nutrition, Elevation, Pack training, Stretching, Injury prevention and so much more.
  • Additional expansion packs at specialty pricing.
  • Exclusive MTN PHYSIO ACADEMY community
  • Membership only discounts on gear from the leading companies in the outdoor industry.
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Scott Mcleod

-Verified MTN ATHLETE-

I can't say enough about Preston and MTN PHYSIO. As a serious archer, I had an overuse injury that wouldn't go away despite seeing several specialists. Once I found Preston, who is both a Doctor of Physical Therapy AND an avid archer, I knew he could figure out what was going on, and figure it out he did! I ended up getting a Limited Entry tag that year and harvested my biggest bull to date. Preston is the man and MTN PHYSIO ACADEMY is your answer!

Evan Williams


-Verified MTN ATHLETE-

As a former NCAA D1 athlete and Olympic hopeful I understand the roll health and fitness play in longevity and enjoyment of life.

So whether I'm working on injury prevention or injury recovery my first call is to Dr. Preston Ward at MTN PHYSIO.

He keeps me performing at my best on the competition floor AND in the mountains hunting and pursuing my passions in life.

No matter what you are training for, look to Dr. Ward and subscribe to MTN PHYSIO ACADEMY the most comprehensive E course out there designed for serious hunters.

Timothy Golder

-Verified MTN ATHLETE-

This will be my 40th season of chasing critters big and small with my bow. I've been blessed to chase them with longbows, recurves and compounds... enjoying every moment along the way. Preston shares our passion, our determination and our lifestyle.

MTN PHYSIO ACADEMY will keep both your mind and body on track year after year.

My name is Dr. Ward

I personally want to welcome you to the ACADEMY! I designed this course to keep passionate outdoorsman and women doing what they love most.... That is spending time in the mountains hunting, exploring and pursuing a passion. Hunting is a lifestyle and I am 100% committed to bringing you the knowledge necessary to keep you in the field year after year and season after season. The greatest investment you will ever make is the investment you make in your own health!

Missing a season isn't an option! You work hard, save your PTO, time and money to spend it doing what you love. You study the animals, study the region and do everything in your own power to get the nicest gear, the best equipment and learn the habits and behaviors of the animals you will pursue. Despite having the best gear or knowledge about animals... If you, yourself aren't performing well then this will be the #1 reason that will hold you back from a successful season. You can't afford to have those knees act up or that back giveout! My commitment to you is to help you learn every way possible to not only help you train for this lifestyle but to be able to live this lifestyle year after year and season after season!

I am committed to helping people avoid surgery, train the correct way, rehab properly and get back in the mountains to pursue their dreams. My goal is to help 50,000 people avoid surgery, remain hunting and pursue their passions for life.

As a Doctor, a board certified specialist, avid bowhunter, archery enthusiast, husband, father and now your friend. Welcome to the ultimate masterclass, our very own ACADEMY OF MTN PHYSIO!



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Exercise is key to good health. Knowing the right exercises to keep you on the MTN isn't about just doing any exercise or any exercise program, it's about doing it RIGHT. MTN PHYSIO ACADEMY teaches you the RIGHT way and is your answer for hunting for years to come.